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Electrical Calculator
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6 November 2019
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Electrical Calculator

This app is a gift for all Electrical / Electronics Engineering graduates and students. Now you don’t need to remember all those complex formulas. This app contains all the Electrical Engineering calculations and conversions including Voltage, Current, Power, Efficiency,

The useful Application for an electrical calculator, which is able to calculate the most important electrical sizes. You can calculate and see the formulas the Electrical Power, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Charge, Electrical Work and Electrical Current.

To be an electrician is not very difficult, you just need to have little knowledge and start with your electrician training. Training is very important because here you will learn different things about being an electrician and how you have to perform like a pro. You can see the formulas for the Electrical Power, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Work, Electrical Current and Electrical Charge and Electromotive Force.

One App for different electrical calculation, formula, dictionary and symbol.

This application is suitable for student and engineer to learn to use electrical formula. Not just that it’s also suitable for anyone that interest in electronic and electric.This apps consists many formula like:

single phase to three phase converter
electrical formulas
power formula
ohm’s law formula
power equation
current formula

how to calculate power
current equation
horsepower formula
electrical energy formula
electrical formulas and calculations
3 phase power formula
3 phase motor convert
convert amps to kva
basic electrical formulas
unit of electrical power
electricity unit calculator
electric converter
online unit conversion table
unit conversion chart
charge formula
-ac to dc power converter single three phase
-Ohm’s-Law calculator formulas equation and explain
-convert watts to amps calculator conversion formula
-convert amps to kw
-Amps to VA or volt ampere formulas
-Amps to watts formula
-Amps to kW formulas
-Amps to VA formula electrical
-Amps to kVA electrical formulas
-Amps to volts calculator
-Amps to ohms formulas
-Amps to mA ( milliamps)
-mA to amps convert
-Watts to amps formulas
-Watts to joules formulas
-Watts to volts formulas
-Watts to VA formulas electrical
-Watts to kVA formulas
-Watts to Wh (watt hour) formulas
-Watts to kWh formulas
-Watts to kJ convert
-Watts to lumens formula
-Lumens to watts formula
-Lumens to lux formulas
-Lux to lumens formulas
-kW to amps formulas
-kW to volts formulas
-kW to Wh (watt-hour) formula
-kW to kWh formula
-kW to VA convert
-kW to kVA or kilovolt amps formulas
-kW to joules calculation formula
-kW to kJ convert
-Volts to amps
-Volts to joules convert
-Volts to watts
-Volts to kW
-Volts to ohms
-Volts to eV electron volts
-Ohms to amps
-Ohms to volts
-Joules to watts
-Joules to kW conversion
-Joules to volts conversion
-kJ to watts calculation
-kJ to kW formula
-eV to volts calculation
-Wh to mAh calculation
-Wh to watts calculation
-Wh to kW calculation
-kWh to watts conversion
-kWh to kW conversion
-formula VA to amps
-VA to watts conversion
-VA to kW calculator
-VA to kVA equation
-kVA to amps equation
-kVA to watts equation
-kVA to kW equation
-kVA to VA equation
-Ah to mAh
-mAh to Ah
-mAh to Wh equation

Best tool for school and college! If you are a student this app will help you to learn electrical engineering, electronics, electromagnetism and physics

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