Comparing Camera Picture Quality |samsung galaxy note 20 ultra vs Iphone 12 pro

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In current mobile market it has lot of competition for the first place in the customer mind ,Till now there is not a lot of competition for that Clearly we can see Samsung And Apple are fighting for that.

The market fight between them come alive once again where they launched their latest models ,Samsung Has launched their Latest model Samsung galaxy Note 20 ultra So does Apple Their iPhone 12 pro series,in this post we can see the specs and performance and comparing which one is best.


Samsung And iPhone already proved their Camera performance but this is competition so we can take a look again.

Sensor :

Comparing both samsung have large sensor then iPhone 12 pro it will give you more focus then the iPhone but problem is it will go either way sometime over focusing will not help you.So in this we can go with iPhone 12 pro.

Wide angle :

Both mobile have nearly same size to cover and give us the detailed image to see in your display,But iPhone 12 giving more natural colour and Note 20 give some extra gesture will not like by everyone.Still both camera have equal wide angle so we can go to the next step.

Zoom :

iPhone have 2X optical zoom that will surely win with the early battle but when zoom the both camera to 5X Samsung’s dedicated periscope optical camera will give you more clear shots then the iPhone 12 pro, we can go until the 10X on both but still ultra 20 will winn the battle of zoom if you are lover of 5X and More zoom you can choose Samsung Galaxy note ultra 20 without any doubt.

Portrait :

In this segment both phone can shoot the portrait in 1X And 2X zoom, Samsung have little over cover of our skin tones which is not liked by many when there is sunlight or something samsung camera is adding something in our skin tone which will not help,in this matter i phone wins the competition.Iphone have low light photography that will good in night and portrait with the 1X zoom only 2X zoom will not give that quality comparing 1X in night.

Night Mode and Low light images:

In this both have same time and same quality not much different to tell,but iPhone kind of warmer tone and Note 20 ultra have cooler one so that battle will win by Ultra Note 20 by the edge.


On selfie mode both have similar quality but samsung have true colour and iPhone is little expose on shades, iPhone is slightly wider compare to samsung in selfies.controling the hilight is good for there is a lot of behind you on that iphone had a good portrait both have doing the same so we can  have draw in portrait,in low light selfie iPhone have better click with natural tone then ultra.

In this article we are read about the camera and images we can compare the video quality of both in next article.

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