How to improve your mobile battery life

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Having smartphone is important in these days,most of us have smartphones in our hand.Before the arrival of the smartphone there is lot of hard ways to reach the other persons like friends or family ,customers etc,but no easy ways but after the smartphones arrival you will easily able to connect everyone you needed.This is the major role of smart phones nowadays.

We are always  taking care of our health and our surrounding persons like friends,family health as well,so your phone is more likely friend of yours in many ways then you must need to know your phone’s battery condition to keep the phone in best way.The lot you use the lot phones battery dry and it will going to loose its health for the time and time so you need the solution for that i have one.

The most important part is we are using our phone as camera ,alarm and many works for all of these work you must need a good battery backup,yes you clearly depend on the phones battery if you forget about the battery life it is going to give you worst experience some day.So keep an eye on the phones battery life because if you are taking your phone for long travel or something like where you are not going to find the power source then only you will realize how important is phones battery life.

If you want to check the battery life and you don’t know how its going to done,then i am here to help you let me show you how it could be done.

How to check the battery life of the smartphone:

Like i said you can easily find out your battery health with the help of one app that called as “Accubattery ” that you download directly from playstore

Next step you need to install the app then give the permission they asked.

Once you done that then open the app and skip the tutorial if you don’t need to there will be a interface showing the battery percentage.

Then you can check the charging percentage and how it going to take.

If you disconnected from the charger it will show how long it can hold.

After this you can check the battery health and which app is using the most of the battery you can see that clearly.

Hope it  helps you.

Long Battery life Tips :

1.Avoid the fast charging it will not help the battery life.

2.Avoid the very cold and very heat condition.

3.Never let the battery to drain to 0 % always maintain 20 to 80 it could help you for long use.

4. Don’t  use the screen with the high brightness it will eat lot of battery’s health.

5. Reduce the screen timeout it help most

These are the important steps to give your battery long life.



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