How to sent automatic reply message in whatsapp

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Modern world everyone addicted to mobile which they spend most of the time on it.Time may vary but everyone use the phone for everything they need for the most of the time,like chatting,calling, watching videos and hearing music…Etc.

If you are contacting your customers with the whatsapp then you are going to use the whatsapp for most of the time and sending replys to them but there is one problem that you can’t reply to everyone that texted you because of the time so you might need a good schedule option that will help you to chat with the customers.

On this post we are going to know how we can send the message on the scheduled time for whatsapp.whatsapp is the most used messenger for all over the world you can send the videos,texts, images and much more  on live time,but the only problem is you can send messages when you are online and connected to the network.Otherwise you can’t set the message,but I am gonna tell you how to schedule the message in whatsapp messenger.

How to setup the Scheduled Message:

First thing you need to download the app named ‘AutoResponder for WA- Auto Reply Bot’ in google  playstore.

After completed the downloading you need to open the app and give the permission that they need give permission to everything then only the app can perform properly.

After you completing install and open process,you need to enable the option to notification bar to show top on the phones notification bar.


After done this option you will be able to see this app from the top.

Then you can see the plus symbol on the homepage of that app, if you click that option, you will see the option to set the message to preferred number ,you can set the reply message like hi ,good morning or anything you need .You will able to set individual reply to individual message and how long it will be to send the reply to can set the option to individual person or group and which one you need to reply or to be ignored.

After set the time delay and message to reply then you can click the tick mark to save the process once you done the bot will send the message for you.

You can disable the auto reply with one touch if you don’t need that for a day or this us the method for auto reply in whatsapp that could help you.



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