Ways to hide the application in android

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Today in the modern world the android phone and their applications  are important to do your work.There is lot applications are available for multiple work like paying bills and ordering products from online,so every work maybe most of the work done by smartphones applications.There is new developers and new applications are coming very often.

In this article we are going to see some good features to use in your mobile,like i said there is lot of application in your phone that others don’t want to see,more likely  you need to have some privacy in your phone and the app that  used by you.So in this article we are going to see how to hide the apps from android phone that no one can see.

There is two ways to hide your app from others that was with the help of the app and without help of the app let’s see both.

How to hide the app without the help of third party Application:

1.there is easy option to hide the app in the latest android app os versions that will help full to you.

2.Go to the home screen and hold the empty spot for while you will have the options like widgets, settings,themes you need to choose the settings

3.After click on the settings you go to the protected apps section.

4.on that menu you can find the pattern to set the password for your hidden apps once you add your app that will be hidden from the list you need to put the pattern to see that app.

5.You will also set that by go to the settings ~ App Lock ~ Hidden apps and then add the app.

How to hide the app with the help of third party app:

1.There is lot of app that can give you the option to hide the app.

2.You need to download the “Apex Launcher “From play store 

3.Then launch the app and go to the main menu.

4.On that main menu you can see the option of Drawer settings.

5.Once you entered in drawer settings you can see the option of hidden apps you can set the pattern and hide your apps on that application with ease.

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